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Saving For Our Future


At Plenitude, our focus is on delivering high quality returns that are driven by ethical and climate-friendly practices. We believe that ESG investing is the future of investing if we are to reduce the climate change risks that our generation faces. Our vision is one in which “ESG investing” is so widespread it is simply known as “investing”. Empirical evidence has shown that on average, ESG investments can outperform non-ESG ones and as such, there is growing demand globally for this approach.

Why Choose us?

  • An environmental focus and values-based approach, adjusted to your needs

  • A proprietary investment process using ETFs, to offer you transparent, liquid and low-cost investments

  • A rigorous risk-management focus at the heart of what we do

  • Pensions management to secure your future, strongly aligned with a long-term investment in our planet

The end result = an optimised investment portfolio, uniquely suited to your beliefs and needs.

wealth management

We are passionate in our belief that responsible investment can generate sustainable long-term returns that deliver financial and social rewards.

Plenitude provides responsible investment services to retail and institutional investors based on their sustainability views, matching investor preferences with the right investments to achieve their objectives.

As with other forms of investment, it is important to remember two things at all times: firstly, reinvesting your gains can further enhance overall returns, and secondly, the value of your investment can go down as well as up.


The sooner you plan for your retirement, the more time your money has to grow. Reinvesting your gains - compounding - can make a sizeable difference to your end amount.  

UK pension law requires most employers to automatically enrol their eligible employees into an appropriate workplace pension scheme, whilst also contributing a minimum amount on their behalf. Regulations also require pension trustees to take ESG factors into account if they believe they are financially significant. But is it enough?

Understanding what your pension is invested in, and increasing your contributions if you are able to, can help you align your investments with your values and keep on top of your retirement planning.


ESG refers to the  Environmental, Social and Governance factors that can be used to evaluate a company’s performance. 

For some institutional investors, these factors have long been at the heart of informing their investment decisions, but key disclosure directives by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in addition to EU Taxonomy developments, ensure these considerations are rightly being incorporated into the greater economy.

We believe that using ESG can provide a better understanding of the risks and opportunities that could affect investment performance. For more guidance, the UN-backed PRI have further information here.

Given our expertise in this area, we also provide ESG advisory services in partnership with